It is now 100 years since the couple Käthe and Eugen Beurer started their own business with the idea of producing electric heating pads. Meanwhile the assortment consists of more than 500 products from the ranges Wellbeing, Medical, Beauty, Active and Babycare. Beurer has become a global player that always meets the right trend of the times with innovative ideas.


 The company began diversifying its product line in the 1980s and now sell some 2,200 products including weighing scales, blood pressure monitors, and mobile ECG devices. Founded in Ulm in 1919, the company in 2016 employed 800 people and had revenues of about 230 million Euro. Production was based in Uttenweiler since 1963 but was shifted to Hungary and the Far East, with Uttenweiler becoming the company's main logistics center in Germany in 2011. The company also grew by acquisitions, taking over British electric blanket manufacturer 2005 then opening Hungary.


In the third termester of 2023 ,YAN Industrial and Trading Company has gained the confidence of the German company health and wellness brand  Beurer, which is known for the quality of its medical devices and electronic personal care products. This exclusive agency of Beurer, YAN strengthens its position in the market and continues its commitment to provide high-quality products to customers in Jordan, in pharmacies, beauty centers, specialized centers and electronic stores in the Jordanian market as well as in its showroom, Jordan Home Store (JHS) located in the capital Amman.

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