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Jordan Daily – In the records of personal and professional development , there are stories that stand out as exemplars of unwavering dedication and visionary leadership .Dr. Yacoub Nasereddin‘s life journey is one such narrative – a testament to the transformative power of education, resilience, and the pursuit of a higher purpose. Nasereddin’s story begins
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The Jordan Home Store (JHS), which specializes in selling family and travel supplies, has opened its doors to visitors in the capital, Amman. This is after YAN Industrial Trading Company acquired the exclusive right to sell Samsonite luggage and travel products, as of mid-February of this year. The showroom, located on the Al-Haramain Roundabout (kilo),
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Snap shots from the meeting of the General Manager of YAN Industrial Trading Company, Dr. Ahmad Nasereddin , with representatives of the Aumet Application Company, who are specialized in pharmacy ERP systems. Where an agreement was discussed to upload all the products of the pharmacies division at YANTC on the application, which facilitates the process
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We had the pleasure of welcoming Dr. Ramzi Al-Khuraisha, General Manager of the Al Osra Pharmacies chain, to the YAN Industrial Trading Company premises in Qastal today. Our guest was received by Dr. Ahmad Nasereddin, YANTC-General Manager, and the pharmacy division sales and marketing team. Al Osra chain pharmacies are one of YANTC’s most important