Flow Drink

Flow Drink is a beautiful combination of drinks of which We handpicked some of the most delicious ingredients with a burst of unforgettable flavors. Comes freshly from Vietnam, in very distinctive bottles and a mind-blowing flavor.

let it “flow” in you gut and cool your heart.

Basil seed Drink:

Citrusy exotic juice, filled with floating, gelatinous seeds with the texture of tapioca. Beside the fact that they are nutritious they’re delicious and a fun ingredient to incorporate into your summer beverage options...

Aloe Vera Drink:

It’s a low calory, high anti-oxidants rich of flavor and texture. Whether its your gut, mobility or your beauty. With a zest of fruit, its just refreshed your day.

Iced Coffee:

Caffeine lover? It’s your Caffeine kick on the go. Your best option for chill and go coffee.


Who doesn’t love it?? And it comes with favorite chocolate and Coffee flavors. But with the richness and creaminess of the milkshake.

Take a sip, and you wont ever forget it for a bit!