Nakhla Tobacco:

Nakhla tobacco was founded in 1913 and is manufactured in Egypt, it is the world’s leading water pipe tobacco (also known as Shisha or molasses).

Nakhla, with headquarters and two factories in Cairo and Shebin El Kom, Egypt, is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of waterpipe tobacco (also known as Shisha or molasses) with an important presence in its home market.

It exports to 85 countries, primarily in the Middle Eastand North Africa where such products have a deep rooted heritage.

YANITC has been the exclusive distributor of Nakhla Tobacco in Jordan since 1989.With a great history of fruitful partnership and regardless what competition emerged int the Jordanian markets, YANTC and Nakhla still distribute molasses with high quality and popularity.

In 2013 when the JTi (Japanese Tobacco International) acquired Nakhla, YANTC was one of the few companies that remained the sole distributors due to its high proficiency and efficiency in distributing and marketing Nakhla in the region.