The Concept

The Sawa concept was conceived in 2015 and officially launched in 2018.

Sawa came to light after we decided to combine our extensive expertise in manufacturing, marketing and distribution in quality products under one brand so that fire lovers can appreciate and distinguish it.

Sawa products are now available in Asia, Europe, North Africa and in the process of expanding further globally.


Sawa is made by industry pioneers in the manufacturing of coconut shell charcoal. We were one of the first adopters of this type of coal in the country and got its start by partnering with some of the most renowned brands of Shisha products around the world - Al Nakhla Tobacco.

In 2012, as demand for such tobacco products increased, at this particular stage, other brand owners began to prioritize quantity over quality. This inspired us to create our own brand that focuses on quality. Our acquired manufacturing experience has given us access to the best raw materials and ingredients and provided us with the expertise and confidence that have enabled us to produce a high-quality product.

In 2020, the idea developed furthermore, especially after the Covid-19 pandemic hit the world. Quarantine and staying home increased the demand for Charcoal. So we added a new line of BBQ and multi-purpose high-quality charcoal with different sizes, shapes and volumes.

“Retail division
Sawa Showrooms: Part of YAN`s strategy to fulfil the needs of its end consumers and to provide visibility and availability of its products, the chain of Sawa showrooms was created, as part of Phase One of this division two showrooms were launched in 2018 and 2019, both showrooms are situated in strategic areas in the Capital of Jordan, Amman. Sawa showrooms Offer a wide variety of tobacco cigarettes, Nakhla molasses, cigars, smoker accessories and high-quality shishas and accessories.”

for more information about our products, please visit our Sawa Products website