• Sawa Charcoal: “Sawa” is a registered trademark owned by YANTC, which is a high-quality charcoal, manufactured by the pioneers of manufacturing in the sector. Sawa Charcoal is made of 100% coconut shells, and does not contain any impure raw materials such as soft lumber, shrubs, or sawdust. Sawa charcoal is available in different sizes and shapes, same of which are used for hookah and others are used for BBQ
  • Sawa Aluminum Foil (RZ): The shisha aluminum foil manufactured in partnership with R.Z International Company for disposables features of high quality and thickness.
  • Sawa Disposable Hose: High quality 100% sterilized and wrapped shisha hoses made of the finest healthy plastic, has no effect on the flavor of the molasses and is for one-time use.
  • Sawa Electric Starter: Electric charcoal burner with additional options and more control, ignites charcoal at a high speed in 5 minutes, with heat lock, easy to clean, comes in two sizes: 1000 watts and 750 watts.
  • Sawa Fire Lighter: The burner comes in the form of cubes containing paraffin or liquid and is cleaner and has less smell, unlike oil or kerosene fuels, due to the better properties of the raw materials it contains.