STUDEX has been established since 1976 in Los Angeles - California and is specialized in the manufacture and construction of hypoallergenic piercing systems and earrings. They have the largest manufacturer of ear-piercing tools, molds and post-piercing care products. Moreover, STUDEX are always committed to quality and service and complies with the US- FDA regulations, European EC standards, JFDA and JSMO standards.

The products of the STUDEX are one of the most popular and best-selling, due to the quality of their products and the beauty of the models in different shapes and sizes made of gold-plated and stainless steel, all of which are sterile and medical. The groups target children, teens and women of all ages and tastes.

Starting from early 2022 , STUDEX for Earrings and Piercing Systems has granted the exclusive agency in Jordan to YAN Industrial Trading Company and the right to distribute the world's best-selling anti-allergic ear, nose and body piercing systems and decorative earrings. The products will be distributed to pharmacies, beauty centers and specialized doctors in the Jordanian market.